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Welcome From a Fellow Entrepreneur Helping Others

two welcoming entrepreneurs

“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”
— Maya Angelou

This is About You, Entrepreneur…

You’ve done it. You’ve launched a business. You’ve become an entrepreneur…. Now what?

I imagine you’re here because you’re one of the 40 to 60  percent of people who are running (or want to run) a business and want to learn all you can about entrepreneurship and succeeding.

By the way, whether you’re a part-time freelance illustrator, you run a small florist shop, or are the founder of a tech startup poised to disrupt energy distribution…you ARE an entrepreneur.

Even if you don’t know what’s next, even if you’re figuring things out on the fly, or even if you’re making zero right now. Decide that you are an entrepreneur. Done. Next subject.

That’s what I did.

My name is Feras Alhlou, and I got into the startup scene when my family and I moved to Silicon Valley over 24 years ago. I later founded my first company with a partner – creating websites for small businesses.

I wasn’t “born” an entrepreneur. I’m not sure if anyone is. I started as an electrical engineer, turned sales project manager turned executive who was laid off when the startup I was working for failed…a case of great technology delivered ahead of its time.

But that’s part of the journey. Risks, adventure, and more than a few sleepless nights.

Welcome to the club. We don’t even have jackets.

The journey of entrepreneurship isn’t always unicorns and rainbows, but it’s the most rewarding and incredible thing I’ve done in my professional life.

What’s In Store For You

After founding, growing, and selling companies—the last wrapping up two years ago—I took time to relax.

But then I again got that itch to build something unique from the ground up. This time, however, I’m focusing fully on giving back, an idea that I was fortunate enough to be introduced to at an early age.

For most of my adult life, giving back remained a significant part of my work… donating my time, expertise, and money to causes whenever I could. This included mentoring other founders (like the two co-founders who have been grinding for 7 years and now have a $2M business, but revenue has plateaued and profit margins are eroding).

Then, one day, I was on YouTube and nudged by a friend, an idea occurred to me about giving back in a bigger way: I thought to myself, “what if I provided my expertise to a broader audience?” There is a lot of advice in this information age but most of it is bad.

I’ve been where you are. I’ve seen the same problems creep up repeatedly. Not just in my business, but in the businesses of the founders I have advised. And often, the solution is simple, but we overcomplicate the answer, costing us time, money, and possibly, our business.

A few months later, Start Up with Feras was born.

Special Features For You…

Besides the video content, this site will feature added content diving deeper into topics. You’ll have access to special checklists, templates, and worksheets. I’ll be interviewing other business leaders (Founders Series), hosting ask-me-anything sessions, and possibly (still working on the details) featuring some of YOU… working through your business problem(s) together.

If you get an idea, a spark of inspiration, or find a solution to a problem through this content, pay it forward. As Maya Angelou alluded to in the quote above, you have an obligation to share what you have with others.

Imagine, for a moment, a world where everyone is helping each other. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

I’m happy to have you here… to be part of your journey. To get notified of the latest content, please sign up for daily tips.

Be well,


Feras Alhlou

Feras Alhlou

Feras has founded, grown, and sold businesses in Silicon Valley and abroad, scaling them from zero revenue to 7 and 8 figures. In 2019, he sold e-Nor, a digital marketing consulting company, to dentsu (a top-5 global media company). Feras has served as an advisor to 150+ other new startup businesses, and in his current venture, Start Up With Feras, he's on a mission to help entrepreneurs in the consulting and services space start and grow their businesses smarter and stronger.

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