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Hi, I’m Feras. I’m passionate about helping your early-stage consulting business succeed.

It seems like it wasn’t too long ago that I was first navigating the perilous waters of entrepreneurship, learning about business from the ground up, and developing many new skills — most of which were way out of my comfort zone.

Getting to that first stage of viability where I was…

  • finding real leads

  • communicating confidently and clearly

  • closing deals and making money

…that was the hardest part of my journey in building a consultancy. Once the business got past those shaky first years, I was able to:

  • land larger and larger clients, including companies in the Fortune 50

  • foster a culture that attracted and retained a highly talented and dedicated team

  • eventually, sell the consultancy to a global giant

Starting a new business is hard. Most people who try to start a business fail.

I can never guarantee your success, but if you’re thinking of starting a consulting business, or you’re just getting started, I promise to provide you the best information that I can to help you get established more quickly and smartly.

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  • techniques for marketing and demonstrating your expertise

  • tips on legal, accounting, and systems

  • industry updates that can help you spot opportunities (and maybe avoid dead ends)

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When you sign up for the Daily Advisor, you’ll also get immediate access to 9 Ways Your Early-Stage Consulting Startup Can Fail.

This whitepaper helps you avoid each of these pitfalls:

  • 1. Idea Not Thoroughly Vetted

  • 2. Effort Underestimated

  • 3. Not Enough Planning

  • 4. Too Much Planning

  • 5. Not Working With a Lawyer

  • 6. Not Working With an Accounting Professional

  • 7. Not Hiring “A” People

  • 8. Not Learning Broadly and Continuously

  • 9. Not Recognizing When to Pivot

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9 ways your early-stage consulting startup can fail